Last November, CAAT Projects promoted an online workshop to rethink the main obstacles (walls) in Europe that divide us, decide if we could do something to change them, and if yes, what could it be. The inspiration for this process was the various forms of activism that contributed to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Human Rights historical developments before and after that event.

In order to engage participants and promote the debate, three videos were produced, looking at historical and contemporary “walls” through artistic and creative lens.

Having the videos as a starting point, the participants debated about the different kinds of “walls” they encounter in their social contexts, reflected about their diverse experiences and presented ideas to bring down those “walls”. It was also important to reinforce the role of human rights advocates in bringing about change and identify current events and trends that could contribute to another “Berlin Wall” in Europe, highlighting the importance of citizens’ participation in national and european affairs.

The feedback from this event was very positive as it stimulated the group’s understanding of the complexity of the current issues by looking back at European history.