In the year of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, CEI-IUL will be promoting the project “NOWALL – From Helsinki to Berlin: Europe and the Fall of the Berlin Wall” in partnership with the Young Educators Europe (Portugal, Germany and Helsinki), the Willy Brandt Foundation (Germany), CAAT Projects (Netherlands), JEF Finland and the University of Helsinki (Finland), and with the support of the European Commission – Europe for Citizens programme. The project aims to promote a better understanding of European history and its diversity, focusing on the contribution of European actors to the fall of the Wall, especially of youth and students’ movements and non-governmental organizations. By disseminating knowledge and promoting debate, we aim to encourage the democratic participation of citizens, especially young people, in national and European institutions and transnational organizations and movements to build a better future.

From September 2019 to October 2020 the project partners will promote academic conferences, debates, workshops, non-formal education activities and public exhibitions in Portugal, Germany, Netherlands and Finland with diversified audiences – secondary school and university students, teachers, activists, researchers and the public in general. We will also disseminate information through a website and social media to reach a wider audience on the topics of the project.